Wedding Videographer
Marbella and Seville


Over a span of more than 12 years, our journey in wedding videography commenced against the picturesque backdrops of Marbella and Seville. Through these years of dedication, we’ve evolved and flourished as seasoned professionals, curating works for esteemed celebrities and influential figures.

In the present day, our lens captures the magic of weddings not only in Marbella, Seville and Mallorca but also wherever our services are sought. Our commitment to excellence has been celebrated with multiple national awards within the wedding video industry, a testament to our unwavering dedication to our craft.


Our primary objective as wedding videographers is to craft works of elegance and beauty, embracing a refined simplicity that allows the genuine moments of the wedding day to shine through without unnecessary intrusion.

We approach every detail of the filming process with meticulous care, from capturing the most heartfelt moments to framing each scene with an artist’s eye. Our dedication extends to ensuring pristine sound quality, capturing not only the words spoken but also the emotions conveyed through every whisper and laugh.

We meticulously attend to every facet of the filming process, from composition to sound, and bring it all together in a well-structured final edit.


We take immense joy in capturing genuine moments as they unfold, devoid of rehearsals or retakes. This approach infuses a sense of ease and naturalness into the pivotal day, allowing the proceedings to flow effortlessly.

Each wedding possesses its own distinctive essence, and our films mirror this individuality in every facet.

Ultimately, my philosophy centers on creating more than just videos; it’s about crafting visual legacies that encapsulate the spirit, the energy, and the pure emotion of a couple’s most important day. With each frame I capture, I aim to honor the uniqueness of every love story, providing a tangible way to relive and share those cherished moments for generations to come.

We create unique films for our couples

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